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It's only logical that GayCityMap. com has chosen Gran Canaria to be the first area.

The gay live on the island, especially in the south has fully found his place. Yumbo center ,the largest entertainment center is gay orientated, with dozens of gay bars and discotheques.

Many gays from all over the world visits the warm and sunny island. Naturally the different accommodations anticipated on this, You can find several gay-only accommodations on the island. of course you can find gay-friendly accommodations as well. So you just can be yourself and no need to worry about what other people will think.

Although going out on the island is fantastic, the island has much more to offer, Throughout the entire year the dunes and the beaches are very popular. On the nude beach there is a separate gay area. Here you can enjoy the sun, listen to the music and see the beautiful mountains.,. So you can see that the island has much more to offer.

Because Gran Canaria is stated on the same geographical line as the south of morocco, you can enjoy the wonderful climate of the island all seasons. In December during daytime the temperate is approximately 24 degrees Celsius and in July it's around the 30 degrees, with a delicious sea breeze.

Furthermore the mountains are a forgotten place, probably because the south has already so much to offer. A day trip to the mountains is certainly recommendable. The Canary Islands are from nature volcanic islands, you can see the rough beauty clearly in the mountains. Since the end of the 14th century the Canary Islands belong to Spain, so spanish is the main language on the island. When you go to the highest point of the island ((1949 meters) you will find rough mountains, valley with palm trees and needle forests. And with a clear view you can see the top of Tenerife, which is with 3700 meters the highest mountain of Spain.

Gran Canaria the Conclusion:
24/7 gaylife the entire year.
The whole year delicious sun, sea and beach,
and beautiful nature.
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Gay Gran Canaria

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