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Marcel P.
Monday, March 02nd - 2020

Gala Drag 2020

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Gala Drag 2020

Las Palmas Carnaval 2020, this yearly event is absolutely without any doubt one of the biggest carnivals in Europe. The shows they produce are of world class performed on a stage precisely designed down to the tiniest detail.

Below Video Of the Winner Sethlas of the year 2020

One of the biggest nights and for us THE BIGGEST night is Gala Drag Queen.

6000 tickets were sold within 15 minutes of the lines opening. The Canarians keep the drag queens of Las palmas close to their hearts and if anyone gets the chance to go and see this in real life you have to grab the opportunity and for sure you will not disappointed

According to the figures the worldwide audience for the 3 hours plus show numbered 53 million. Pretty impressive isn't it.

Gala Drag Queen, well lot of people have no clue what it is and actually it is hard to describe. One thing for sure it has nothing to do with any other form of drag we know from elsewhere in Europe and/or the world. The guys spend a whole year creating a short show of a couple of minutes with their own decor, dancers, a lot of glam, the highest heels ever and their own most impressive dance moves. They rule the night, they are the queens of the night.

This years gala drag needed to be rescheduled because of the weather circumstances the week before. The pre selection took 16 finalists to perform on the biggest night of Las Palmas Carnaval.

The night started with an incredible opening, a bunch of dancers, singer and 3 famous hosts who present the show for television and the 6000 people who came to visit the night to remember.

By the end of the night, after a show that included performances from Cristina Ramos and Eurovision contest representative for Spain 2020 Blas Cantó, as well as all sorts of different acts, there are left runner ups and one absolute finalist who gets the crown, lifetime fame and a cheque of 2000 euros.

Below full video of the complete GALA DRAG 2020

During the show it is hard to say who will get the crown as each and every performance gives it 100%. A jury who awards their points, the arena audience and 25,000 television viewers votes produce the final results. During the show you see the reactions and most definitely hear the reaction for who is the most popular.

For us personally everyone who came this far to reach the finals are winners and they all deserve the crown, but yeah when the audience gets wild you actually know who the runner ups will be.

his year the very well deserved winner is Drag Sethlas and you can see the whole show on YouTube so take your time, but of course you can also watch every single performance individually

We at Guapo want to send him and all the other 16 queens our congratulations for a spectacular show and hope to see you all again next year …..

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