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Marcel P.
Monday, March 02nd - 2020

When do you eat To Lose Weight.


When do you eat?To Lose Weight. Did You know that it matters when you eat?

New scientific research shows that it is not just a matter of counting calories or excluding food groups, but also ...

Being overweight can cause many and varied health problems. The majority of these fall under the so-called 'metabolic syndrome' (MBS). This is a combination of problems that people have before they get diabetes. The syndrome increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So it is certainly important to control your weight somewhat and that is actually not that difficult (apart from in the case of some serious disorders). Everyone knows the formula for success: go for a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise and pay attention to the calories. Nothing more nothing less. It's a very simple set of rules that - and now the good news! - was recently expanded with another 'trick'.

Recent scientific research would show that it is also important when you eat.

This is a study recently published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism. The research shows that it is best for our body if we consume all our daily meals within a ten-hour period. Let us clarify this with an example. If you have breakfast at 7 in the morning, you should eat your last meal before 5 pm (7 + 10 = 17). Experiments with a group of volunteers (all with metabolic syndrome) showed that if the previous rule is used the body weight decreases. This applies in particular to the visceral abdominal fat (that abdominal fat that accumulates around the organs and that may pose a health hazard). Furthermore, it was also found that blood pressure and cholesterol levels are lower if you eat (regularly) within a period of 10 hours.

It is striking that the participants in the experiment did not change their diet or reduce the number of calories. The only change in their lifestyle was the time when they ate their meals.

This research opens new perspectives not only for scientists in the health field, but also for everyone who loves his or her body ...

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